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       The Taurus is my latest engine. Now mostly I want it to be a learning experience for me. Taurus engine is realtime 3D environmental engine which uses modern concepts of storing scene data and outputs. Here are some charasteristics of Taurus:

Tech info: Engine

- BSP/PVS/Active zone; planned: Shadow volume
- Hi/True color rendering
- Colored static & dynamic light
- Collision detection
- Vertex deformation (waves, water surface, ect.)
- Volumetric fog (spherical, box, zone)
- Texture animation (shader system)
- Particle system
- Bezie splines
- Basic scripting support
- Basic physic

Features in development:

- Volumetric fog (~50%)
- Dynamic light (~60%)
- Zone special effects (gravity, ambient light,)
- Characters and player model's support
- Skelet animation
- 3D sound
- Light flares

Planning features:

- Multi-environment integration (landscape+BSP+smth.)
- Multiplayer support
- Improve script system
- Improve physics
- AI (way-point + neuronal network)
- Realtime algorithmic texture engine
- Mirror/Portal surfaces

        Engine uses BSP/PVS technics to create and manage the world. In addition, world is divided into logical parts - Zones. Each Zone has unique parameters, i.e. gravity, additional geometry culling, individual sound environment, AI neuronal network connections, special geometry environment (water, space, slime, lava, ), etc.
        In future I plan to implement Shadow Volumes to add more culling in worlds and improve total perfomance.
        Worlds are detailed by splines. It's very useful for creating round corners of walls, different pipes, other detailed and smooth surfaces.
        Worlds are textured using shader mechanism - texture layer animation with capability of Vertex Deformation. Vertex Deformation is very useful to create different effects such as waves, bulging effects, simple rotation, scaling, and translation of objects.
        Other important things are colored static and dynamic lighting sources, volumetric fog (spherical and box type are now supported).
        To add more realism, I plan to implement realtime algorithmic texture engine, portals and mirror surfaces & particle system. In addition it's possible to attach (using Zoning) to BSP world other types of rendering engines (like landscape or space simulator) without loading and long-switching between them.
        All characters will be created using key-frame skeletal animation. Skeletal animation gives much more realism to moving characters than simple key-frame animation.

Tech info: GUI

        Other part of my development is GUI (Graphic User Interface). It will be used in the engine itself (game, HUD display, menus, all dialogues between NPC and player, etc.), in the editor, inside all tools and utils.

        Current progress with GUI subsystem:

        All basic and fundamental conceptions of it are almost complete.

At this moment GUI consists of:
  1. Visible components
    • Window
    • Panel
    • Label
    • Button
    • Edit box (~50% complete)
    • Check box (~50% complete)
    • Radio button (and groups of them) (~50% complete)

  2. Additional invisible components
    • Central
    • Desktop
    • Loader (from script resources)
    • Script parser
    • Component container

        Visible components are drawn using the main engine's shader manager. This means that all components are 3D, though currently they are all located in one plane. In future I plan to enchance this conception and use the same GUI components in true 3D space (game world). As a consequence of main engine use, it's very easy to use shaders.

Tech info: Sound
At this moment sound characteristics are the following:

1). Known file formats: WAV PCM/ADPCM, MPEG 1 Layer 3. Sound egine supports all common bit rates, frequencies, mono/stereo.

        [8000, 8 bit, mono - 44100, 16 bit, stereo]

2). Outputs:

        - nosound
        - DirectSound
        - DirectSound + Creative EAX (100% 3D sound support)

Full support for EAX Environmental Audio, up to 64 voices (simultaneous).

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